Link the Pig

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Link the Pig
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Link is the name of the huge pig that appears as the story progresses in The Wind Waker. He resides inside Rose and Abe's pig pen. He is actually the pig that Link gave them in the beginning of the game, but he has grown significantly in size. Because he is so big and strong, Rose and Abe decide to name it after Link, also due to the fact that he gave it to them. Link the Pig has the ability to dig deep into the ground and can unearth Rupees and even a Piece of Heart if he digs in dark patches of dirt. But, since he is so large, the only way for Link to lift him up is if he has the Power Bracelet, and also, he needs to have All-Purpose Bait in order to get him to dig. If Link slices Link the Pig with his sword, he will become angry and attack the hero, but there is no way that Link could actually defeat him, making him invincible. Depending on how many pigs Link brings Rose at the beginning of the game, Link the Pig's color could be different.