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Linda (girlfriend)

Anton is a character in The Wind Waker who lives on Windfall Island.


Anton can be seen during the day taking a stroll around Windfall Island. He walks in the same path all the time, purposely walking by Linda along the way. He seems aware that people might think its weird that a young man like him is walking around so much, but because he does so much walking, he knows the best walking course.[1][2]

Anton will also give Link a hint about the secret entrance to the Bomb Shop. Since Anton takes so many walks, he knows that that path sneaks around behind the building.[3]

Anton enjoys kickboxing and walking around the island. When Link first arrives on the island, Anton doesn't recognize him, but offers to show him around town.[4] He describes his home town as a little cozy and mentions that people from all over the world come to visit.[5][6]

The Secret Couple

Main article: The Secret Couple

As part of the Lenzo's Pictograph Assistant Side Quest, Lenzo tasks Link with finding a man and woman who are secretly in love with one another, but for whatever reason, they have not spoken. Lenzo cannot let this go and wants to become Cupid, archer of love.[7][8][9][10]

Lenzo is referring to Anton and Linda. Linda can be found just outside of Lenzo's House, wearing the yellow and orange clothing. Wait there until Anton walks all the way around Windfall Island and then right by Linda. He stops for a moment, turns, and shares a glance with Linda. Link will need to take a Picto Graph, right when they exchange the glance. After showing this picture to Lenzo, he will comment that he didn't even know the extent of their passion for one another. He thanks Link and tells him that he is proud to call Link his assistant.[11][12] This will complete the Pictograph Assistant quest, giving Link the Deluxe Pictobox.

Playing Cupid

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Anton will comment that everytime he walks by, Linda kind of gives him a look, although Anton doesn't quite know what it means.[13] He does know that there is a certain someone that he's had his eye on for a while, but he doesn't even know her name. Everytime he even thinks about her, his heart starts fluttering. It's a fealing that he's never had before.[14]

Link will first need to show a color photograph of Linda to Anton. Anton will immediately recognize the girl, as she is the one that he's had his eye on lately.[15][16] The picture really sets Anton off and finally gives him the courage to ask Linda out on a date.[17] Although Anton is super nervous as he still doesn't know her name, doesn't know if she's nice, or if she's currently seeing anybody.[18] Anton plans to ask her out for coffee, and if things seem to be going right, he's going to profess his love for her.[19]

After a full day cycle, Anton and Linda can later both be found at the Cafe Bar. Anton has finally worked up the courage to ask Linda on a date and it was the right move, as Linda likes him.[20][21] Linda comments that the two of them are going to start dating and asks Link if they make a delightful couple. She awards Link with a Piece of Heart.[22] She is so thankful that Link delivered her Pictograph to Anton, as it is what brought the two of them together.[23] After another day goes by, Anton and Linda can then be seen in the center of town, just outside of Mrs. Marie School of Joy. They are so happy and thankful to Link.[24][25]


Anton Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Activity: Kickboxing

The reason his second-favorite hobby is taking walks is because it keeps his legs in shape. He's had his eye on a certain young lady lately.



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