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Sturgeon (grandfather)
Orca (grand-uncle)
Linda (best friend)

Sue-Belle is a character in The Wind Waker who resides on Outset Island.


She lives on Outset Island with her grandfather, Sturgeon, and her great-uncle, Orca. She was originally born on Windfall Island, but later moved to Outset to be with her grandfather. She is normally seen with a blue pot filled with water on her head. She has a pink dress and purple-blue hair, and overall has a pleasant but serious attitude.

Early on, Sue-Belle asks Link if Aryll found him, as Link's Grandma was looking for him. Aryll wants to learn how to carry jars, just like Sue-Belle so that she can help her Grandma with chores.[1] Sue-Belle will then teach Link how to pick up and throw jars and rocks.[2] After the Helmaroc King appears at the island and drops Tetra into the Forest of Fairies, Sue-Belle can be seen without her pot, scared of the noise that happened. She teaches Link that if trouble came his way, he can pick up rocks and toss them at an enemy.[3]

If Link somehow smashes her pot, she will take away ten Rupees from him if he speaks to her.[4][5] She is also best friends with Linda on Windfall Island, and sent her the orange dress that Linda wears.

At night she can be found inside Orca and Sturgeon's House. If Link talks to her, she warns Link about all the monsters that appear at night.[6][7] After Link returns to Outset Island, she voices her concern about the health of Link's Grandma, who has hardly been eating. Sue-Belle consults with her grandfather about any medicine that they possibly can give to her.[8][9]


Sue-Belle Figurine (TWW).png

Place of Birth: Windfall Island
Personality: Serious

Sue-Belle was born and raised on Windfall, but she became concerned for the health of her grandfather, Sturgeon, so she decided to move to live with him on Outset Island.

Morning, noon and night, she fills vases with water and carries them on her head from the well to their house. Strangely enough, she actually enjoys the task.



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