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Bisht is member of the Rito tribe, found on Dragon Roost Island in The Wind Waker.


Basht and Bisht are two minor Rito characters featured in The Wind Waker. They are the policemen of Dragon Roost Island, and were chosen because of their honesty and diligence. Basht and Bisht are also very kind and considerate, especially towards Link.

When Link first arrives at Dragon Roost, Bisht can be found outside, just beyond Medli's room. He is overlooking Dragon Roost Pond, commenting on the fact that because of the heat, the pond has complete dried up.[1] He comments that the pond came from the bubbling spring and it was a beautiful pond. Since it is so dry, even Bomb Flowers have completely dried up.[2]

After Link has cleared Dragon Roost Cavern, Valoo will have calmed down and fire is no longer circulating in the air. Bisht will comment that things are finally getting back to normal.[3] He event suggest that the Rito ought to get going and repair the bridge at Dragon Roost Pond.[4] At nighttime Bisht can still be seen standing guard. He tells Link to that the night is full of dangers and that he should stay inside.[5]

Bisht and Basht have identical models, perhaps indicating that the two are twins. Later in the game they can often be found next to one another, standing guard.


Basht & Bisht
Basht & Bisht Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Occupation: Island police

Being extremely honest and sincere Ritos, they were chosen to be the island's police force. When you talk to them, they speak frankly about the events on the island.



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