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Nudge is one of Tetra's Pirates in The Wind Waker. He is one of the tallest pirates, and he guards Tetra's room on board the Pirate Ship. When Link attempts to enter Tetra's room, Nudge denies him access.[1] Due to qualities such as this, he is Tetra's most trusted advisor, and often counsels her in decision making. Additionally, he is well known for his sense of humor, and is actually stronger than Gonzo, which makes him Tetra's strongest pirate. He is also talented at sewing.[2] If Link speaks to Nudge, he jokes that Tetra is actually 35 years old.[3][4] During the ending, he is seen steering the Pirate Ship.


  • Like all the other pirates, Nudge bears a striking similarity to a certain character in the portrait found in Hyrule Castle. The character who looks like him is a cross dresser, and has the appearance of a female.
  • In Phantom Hourglass, Nudge, along with Senza, are not seen, but it can be assumed that they are with the other pirates.



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