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Kane is one of the many sailors on Windfall Island in The Wind Waker.


Kane can be found standing near the Mailbox by the dock on Windfall Island. He describes the residents of Windfall Island as thinking of the place as a paradise. Most of the residents would never even think of setting out and exploring the Great Sea.[1][2] Kane really admires the gate that leads to the main part of Windfall Island. It gives him a feeling of relaxation and the reminder that he's home.[3][4]

His old dream used to be becoming an artist, but he ended up becoming a sailor instead. He he is still somewhat of an art critic. When Link places a decoration on top of the Windfall Island gate, Kane will critique it depending on what decoration is placed. If Link places a Postman Statue or a Shop Guru Statue on top of all pedestals on the gate, Kane will reward him with 50 Rupees.

At nighttime Kane can be found at the Cafe Bar, sitting down and having a drink with Dampa. He wonders what a kid like Link is doing at a place like this at such a late hour.[5] During the Endless Night, when Tetra's Pirate Crew comes ashore at Windfall Island, Kane has heard the rumors, but doesn't actually believe them.[6]


Kane Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Occupation: Artist

Long ago, Kane longed to be an artist or a sculptor, but circumstances in his home life forced him to become a sailor. He's still critical of all artistic expression, though.


While there is no direct connection, two sailors can be found right on the dock at Windfall Island, named Candy and Kane.



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