Endless Night

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Endless Night



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The Endless Night is an event that occurs during The Wind Waker


During the events of The Wind Waker, after Link clears the Forbidden Woods, his next major objective is to travel to Greatfish Isle in search of Jabun. Once Link draws near, this triggers a massive thunderstorm to begin and Greatfish Isle is completely in ruins. This begins the Endless Night curse, where it will perpetually be thunderstorming, regardless where Link travels to on the Great Sea. The thunderstorms will never let up and it will remain nighttime untl the curse is lifted.

During this time, Link is not able to play the Song of Passing. Other events have been cancelled due the storms, including the nightly Auction at the Auction House on Windfall Island. Many characters, who ordinarily would be found outside in the evenings have taken refuge indoors, or in some cases, are nowhere to be found.

While the Endless Night is going on, Link will need to travel back to Windfall Island where Tetra's Pirate Crew has come ashore. Link can sneak up and enter the Bomb Shop from the back entrance. Afterwards, Link will board Tetra's Ship once again and after speaking with Niko, can earn the Bombs. Then Link can travel to Outset Island, and once he arrives, the King of Red Lions will comment that the curse has prevented day to break. It is as if time has been frozen.[1] At Outset Island, Link can sail to the back of the island and use the Bombs to break the barrier and meetup with the water spirit, Jabun.

The curse of the Endless Night finally comes to an end when Jabun gives Link Nayru's Pearl. The power of the pearl is able to break the curse, stopping the thunderstorm and allowing the normal night and day cycle to continue.[2][3]


  1. "Have you noticed, [Link]? Morning has not broken since we arrived at Greatfish Isle_the land that was so ravaged by monsters. It is as if time itself is frozen. Perhaps this is the curse that Valoo spoke of? Whatever the reason, if this night does not end, then we need not worry about the pirates overtaking us. In fact, it might not be a bad idea for you to visit your hometown and family again after such a long time away. We can speak with Jabun after you do." — King of Red Lions, The Wind Waker.
  2. "Ganon's curse has been broken by the power of the pearl that Jabun gave us, so morning should come soon. It is well that we have gathered all of the pearls. Are you ready, [Link]? I have marked the places where you must set the pearls on your Sea Chart. Once you have placed each of the pearls in its proper location, the proving grounds for your courage will become apparent." — King of Red Lions, The Wind Waker.
  3. "So...that foul rain and endless night were indeed elements of a curse brought on us by Ganon! He must intend to cast this land into pure darkness for all time..." — Jabun, The Wind Waker.