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Outbid others in an Auction


The Windfall Auction is a mini-game from The Wind Waker. It takes place at the Auction House on Windfall Island.


Each night, Zunari rents out the first floor of the Auction House so he can hold his nightly auction. Link can participate in the auction to win a variety of items including two Treasure Charts, a Piece of Heart, a Joy Pendant, and the Swift Sail in The Wind Waker HD.

Each night, Link can enter the Auction and speak with Zunari to take part in the Auction. After speaking with Zunari, the auction will fill up with six random residents from Windfall Island. Gummy is the only citizen that appears at every auction and he is always the first one to bid. Each time Link enters the auction, the item available is chosen at random.

After Link travels to Greatfish Isle and then returns to Windfall Island, the Great Sea will be in the midst of an Endless Night, with constant thunderstorms. This causes Zunari to cancel the night's auction.[1] The Auction will not open again until after Link has met with Jabun at Outset Island.

Items Available


The auction lasts for 1 minute and there a variety of strategies to assure you win the item. As the auction goes on, a meter at the bottom of the screen will slowly start to fill up. Once this meter fills up, Link will have to make a bid. Link can make this meter fill up rapidly by pressing 'A' repeatedly.

The auction lasts for 1 minute and will have multiple breaks where Zunari will speak, signifying the Auction is coming to an end. The first of these warnings happen when there is 25 seconds remaining. Zunari again speaks up when there is only 15 seconds left, and then again to give a 5-second warning.

The most efficient way of winning the auction items, and also the way to get them at their cheapest prices is to bid frequently and at certain values. Once the auction starts for any item, repeatedly press 'A' as fast as possible until Link can bid. When prompted to bid, make a bid of an amount over 10% of the current auction value. Doing so will stun all the other members within the auction hall for 15 seconds. During this period of time while the others are stunned, once against press the 'A' button so that your meter is close to maxing out again. As soon as the rest of the members are no longer stunned, big again and once again bid more than 10%. After Zunari has given his second warning, signifying the near end of the auction, Link can bid more than 10%, stunning the other auction members, and assuring he will take home the item.

Link can also bid 20% over the current value and this will stun the members for a few seconds longer. Furthermore, at anytime, Link can bid the maximum of 999 rupees to immediately win the item.

The only exception to the 10% strategy is the Treasure Chart that begins at just 5 rupees. For this particular item, bidding more than 10% will not stun the other auction members until after the item has crossed the 50 rupee threshold.

Auction Members



  1. "Dear me, but there's a terrible storm raging this evening... The night seems very... unsettled, somehow." — Zunari, The Wind Waker.