Song of Passing

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Song of Passing


Learned from


How to Perform

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Changes day into night and night into day


Song of Passing - TWW icon.png

The Song of Passing is an optional song from The Wind Waker. It is the only song not necessary to complete the game.

How to Play

The song is played by moving the C-stick right, left, and down.

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Link can learn this song from the dancer Tott on Windfall Island.[1] Tott will tell Link that he is trying to remember a magical song that could change day into night and vice versa. When Link takes out the Wind Waker, Tott excitedly proclaims that he remembers the song. He will then dance the Song of Passing and Link can copy his movements with the Wind Waker.[2] The song, however, appears to only work when played on an instrument like the Wind Waker, which has the power of the gods, since Tott's dancing does not change the time of day.[3]


As mentioned, the Song of Passing changes night into day and day into night. There is no point in the game where this is ever needed to progress, but it can be useful when trying to complete the Nintendo Gallery or another event that can only happen at a certain time of day, because Link does not have to wait for the time of day to change.


  • This song is identical in use and melody to the Sun's Song from Ocarina of Time. However, the directions to play it are different.


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