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Ilari is a character that appears in The Wind Waker.


Ilari is a postman of the Rito tribe. He usually delivers to Windfall Island. While on Dragon Roost Island, Link can find Ilari outside on a wooden walkway on the second level. He mentions that every year a contest is hosted over at the Flight Control Platform, an island off to the east. However, with the current situation with Valoo on Dragon Roost, he's not sure if one will be held.[1] With everybody so pre-occupied with Valoo, the Rito are running short on delivery personnel. Ilari will then fly off, heading back to work.[2] He later suggest that Link visit the Flight Control Platform to take part in the Bird-man competition.[3]

Ilari is involved in a sidequest with Maggie and her Moblin lover, Moe. After Link delivers Maggie's Letter to a Postbox, he returns to the Auction House to find Ilari arguing with Maggie's Father, attempting to deliver a return letter from Moe. Though Ilari pleads with him to listen, Maggie's father orders him to leave, claiming that he does not allow postmen in his house.[4][5] Ilari complains about how he went through many difficulties to get the letter safely from Forsaken Fortress and begs him to at least sign or acknowledge his presence, but he refuses.[6][7][8][9] At last, Ilari's temper bursts and he storms away, muttering that he needs to "cool his feathers".[10]

Link later finds him in the Cafe Bar. He apologizes for his behavior.[11] He explains how frustrated he is by Maggie's father and says that he will be a failure of the trade if he cannot deliver it.[12][13] He asks Link if he would be willing to give it to Maggie for him.[14][15] If Link accepts, he thanks him and decides to stay in town for a while to relax before heading out to his other deliveries.[16][17]


Ilari Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Occupation: Windfall Island postman
Ilari is quite kind as long as he's composed, but when things don't go well, he quickly grows impatient and can get rough with his speech. He apparently has a hard time remembering people's faces...


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