Moblin's Letter

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Moblin's Letter

Moblin's Letter is an item in The Wind Waker. It is a message from Moe, the Moblin that Maggie falls in love with.[1] After mailing Maggie's Letter in a Postbox, Link can return to Maggie's house to find her father arguing with the Rito postman, Ilari. Ilari is attempting to deliver the Moblin's Letter, but Maggie's father refuses to accept it, saying that postmen are not allowed in his house.[2][3] Ilari is annoyed because he went through a lot of trouble to reach Moe in the Forsaken Fortress and return with the letter, but Maggie's father will not listen.[4][5] Eventually, Ilari becomes so angry that he leaves to calm down.[6]

If Link goes to visit Ilari at the Cafe Bar, he apologizes for his previous behavior and explains that he just wanted to complete his job.[7][8] Although he knows that he will be considered a failure if he does not deliver the Moblin's letter, he tells Link that he cannot stay due to his other deliveries.[9][10] Finally, he asks Link to give the letter to Maggie for him.[11][12] If Link accepts, Ilari gives him the letter and thanks him, trusting Link to deliver the letter to Maggie.[13][14]

Upon returning to Maggie, she claims that she saw the letter in her dreams and demands to read it that very instant.[15] The letter reads as follows:

"This is Moe. I... like... you... Mag... gie... so... much... that... I... want... to... eat you... for dinner."

— Moblin's Letter

Maggie misunderstands, and believes that Moe is proposing to her.[16] She declares that day as the anniversary of her true love, and she gives Link a Piece of Heart to commemorate the occasion.[17][18]



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