Maggie's Letter

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Maggie's Letter

Maggie's Letter is a side quest item in The Wind Waker. Maggie writes it to her beloved Moe, a Moblin from the Forsaken Fortress.[1] She claims that she writes him many heartfelt letters, but he never replies.[2] She asks Link to deliver this particular letter, and she is overjoyed when he accepts.[3][4] However, she warns him not to read its contents.[5]

Link can drop it in a Postbox and pay postage to send the letter. If he mails it from Windfall, it only costs 5 Rupees to mail it to the postal center near Dragon Roost Island.[6] When Link returns to Maggie's house, he finds her father arguing with a Rito named Ilari. The postman has a return letter from Moe, but Maggie's father refuses to accept it.[7][8] Link can visit the postman in the Cafe Bar later on to obtain the Moblin's letter and deliver it himself to Maggie.[9] She is so excited that she gives him a Piece of Heart.[10][11]


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