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Moe is the name of a Moblin in The Wind Waker. He never appears in the game, but he is mentioned several times during a sidequest.

Link first hears of Moe from Maggie. After she escaped from Forsaken Fortress, Moe gave her several Skull Necklaces, which her father sold to become rich.[1] Maggie greatly misses Moe and writes heartfelt letters to him, but he does not respond.[2][3][4] She asks Link to deliver one of her letters to him.[5]

When Link returns after sending the letter, he discovers the postman Ilari attempting to deliver a letter from Moe, but Maggie's father refuses to accept it.[6][7] After Ilari storms off to calm down,[8] her father complains about how he knows nothing about Moe and vows not to let him contact Maggie.[9][10]

However, Link heads to the Cafe Bar and speaks with Ilari, who tells him about the trials he went through to obtain Moe's letter.[11][12] He then enlists Link to deliver Moe's letter in his stead.[13]

Maggie is eager to receive and read Moe's letter.[14] The letter contains two simple sentences written by the Moblin that claim that he wants to "eat" her.[15][16] Maggie, however, interprets it as a marriage proposal.[17] She declares the day and anniversary of their true love and gives Link a Piece of Heart to commemorate the occasion.[18][19] She considers leaving to go and find Moe, but she loses her resolve when she thinks of her father.[20][21]


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