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Pashli is a member of the Rito tribe, found on Dragon Roost Island in the The Wind Waker.[1]


Pashli is described as being fairly gentle,[1] a common trait among the Rito. He is found constantly walking along the halls of the island, with a clipboard in his hand. According to his Figurine, he is always busy, but nobody knows why.[1]

He can found on the second floor of the Rito Aerie at Dragon Roost and will walk down the ramp to the lower level. Pashli talks to Link about Prince Komali. He mentions that Komali is a good kid, and while he might seem lonely at times, he has never once complained about anything. Pashli tells Link that Komali has felt a bit lost ever since his grandmother has passed away. The ball that he can be seen holding, Din's Pearl, is actually a gift that the great Valoo gave to Komali's grandmother.[2] Pashli encourages Link to ask Komali about the ball that he is carrying. It might be just the ice-breaker needed to get Komali to open up to Link.[3]

After Valoo has been calmed down and the island returns to normal, Pashli comments that Komali has gone running back to his chambers in excitement. He seems happy to see Komali feeling much better.[4][5] At nighttime, Pashli controls to patrol the same route. He mentions that there are no deliveries at night, but that there is still so much to be cleaned up and organized.[6]


Pashli Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Personality: Gentle

For reasons unknown, Pashli's always busy.



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