Rito Aerie

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Rito Aerie

The Rito Aerie[1][2] is a location from The Wind Waker.


The Rito Aerie is the location where the Rito reside on Dragon Roost Island. It is home of the Mail Center and where most of the Rito live, including Medli, Prince Komali, and the Rito Chieftain. When Link first arrives at Dragon Roost Island, he'll meet up with Quill, who will invite Link to head to the Rito Aerie and meet the Chieftain.

Points of Interest

On the main floor, there are two exits, one leading to the Dragon Roost Pond, which in turn connects with Dragon Roost Cavern. The other exit leads back to the entrance of the island where the King of Red Lions is located. The main floor has one room, which is Prince Komali's room. This is where Link first meets Komali, where he Link show's him Father's Letter.

On the second floor, the main attraction is the Mail Center, where Link can meet with Koboli, and then later, the part-timer, Baito. Here Link can take part in the Part-Time Job sidequest, which includes the Mail Sorting mini-game.



  1. "I have an idea, [Link]. Would you like to meet our chieftain? I've told my people here about you, and all of us Rito are very concerned. I'm certain the chieftain will befriend you and lend you the aid of our aerie. It's settled, then! I'll fly on ahead and let everyone know you're coming. Come inside, [Link]! I'll be waiting!" — Quill, The Wind Waker.
  2. "Komali Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island Personality: Mama's boy Komali had very little confidence in himself and thus closed himself off from the world outside his tribe's aerie. With just a little help from [Link], though, he has regained his confidence and has at last begun to show signs of being a confident and mature Rito adult." — Prince Komali's Figurine, The Wind Waker.