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Part-Time Job




Speak with Koboli


Sort 25 Letters at the Mail Center


Part-Time Job[1] is a Side Quest from The Wind Waker.


When Link first arrives at Dragon Roost Island and enters the Rito Aerie, he take take part-time in a mini-game at the Mail Center. After talking with Koboli, Link can help with Mail Sorting. Due to the events surrounding Valoo, a lot of the Rito are pre-occupied and Koboli needs help sorting letters.[2][3] He even asks Link if he knows anybody else that is looking for work.[4][5]

Mail Sorting

Main article: Mail Sorting

Koboli will initially ask Link to help sort 10 Letters.[6] After successfully doing so, he will then ask Link to sort 20 letters and then 25 letters.[7][8] After successfully sorting 25-letters, Koboli will comment that they have hired a part-time worker and he has just arrived. If Link heads outside and then comes back inside, he'll find that Baito can be now be found working behind the counter, sorting mail.

If Link never speaks with Koboli the first time he arrives at Dragon Roost Island, and instead just progresses in the story and completes Dragon Roost Cavern, Baito will still arrive, but he'll be wandering around outside. He seems a bit lost, uncertain how he can be able to climb up to reach the Rito Aerie.[9][10] Link will need to complete the initial letter sorting with Koboli to get Baito to arrive.

Note to Mom

Main article: Note to Mom

Once Baito does arrive, Link can speak with him and continue taking part in the Mail Sorting mini-game. Baito would like to see Link's legendary 25-letter sorting ability.[11] After successfully sorting 25 letters, Baito will be so impressed with Link, that Baito wants to write to his Mom to tell her what he witnessed. He will ask Link to send a Letter in the Postbox. Despite working at the Mail Center, he cannot bring himself to just dropping his letter with the rest of the envelopes, as it is against the rules.[12][13]

Link is then able to drop the Note to Mom in any nearby Postbox. If he drops it in the Postbox at Dragon Roost Island, postage will cost 5 Rupees.


Shortly after dropping off the letter, when Link arrives at another island, the Postbox will be shaking, indicating that he received a letter. The letter is from Kashiko, Baito's mom. She thanks Link for her kindness towards her son and will reward Link with a Piece of Heart.[14]


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