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Mail Sorting
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Mail Sorting from The Wind Waker HD








Part-Time Job (Side Quest)

Mail Sorting is a Mini-Game in The Wind Waker and part of the Part-Time Job side quest.


The Mail Sorting mini-game can be found at the Mail Center, located in the inner portion of Dragon Roost Island on the top floor. The mini-game becomes accessible as soon as Link reaches Dragon Roost Island.


Each letter contains one of six symbols and must be placed in its corresponding slot. The game tests just how quickly Link can accurately sort a pile of letters within the time limit of 30 seconds.

Initially, Koboli asks Link to sort 10 pieces of mail within the time limit and will reward him with 1 rupee per letter.[1] Koboli will then ask Link to sort 20 letters and will award him with 2 rupees per letter.[2] Next, if Link is able to sort 25 letters, Koboli will pay him 3 rupees per letter.[3]

Successfully sorting 25 letters with Koboli will trigger Koboli to be able to hire a part-timer.[4][5] The next time Link leaves Dragon Roost and returns to the Mail Center, Baito, the new part-timer will be working at the Mail Center. Link then can then speak with Baito, who wants to see Link's legendary 25-letter sorting ability.[6] After successfully doing so, Baito will give Link a Note to Mom, a letter which he asks Link to drop off in the mailbox.[7][8] Link will later receive a letter from Baito's mother, Kashiko, and it will contain a Piece of Heart.

After completing this quest, Koboli will later re-appear at the Mailing Center. Link can speak with Koboli at any point and continue to play the Mail Sorting mini-game. Link will only be rewarded with rupees if he can get a new personal high score.


The prizes vary depending upon how many letters Link can sort within the time frame. Link receives 1 Rupee per every 2 letters sorted within 30 seconds if it is less than 20. If Link sorts 20 letters within 30 seconds, he receives 1 Rupee per letter. Finally, if Link is able to sort 25 letters in 30 seconds time, he receives 3 Rupees per letter.

Letters Reward
1 Rupee Per 2 Letters
1 Rupees Per Letter
3 Rupees Per Letter
Part-Timer Will Arrive
Note to Mom (2nd Time)
Piece of Heart (In the Mail)



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