Father's Letter

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Father's Letter

Father's Letter is an item in The Wind Waker.


Father's Letter is written by the Rito Chieftain to his son, Prince Komali.[1] When Link first meets the Chieftain, Quill suggests that Komali may open up to Link due to his courage.[2] As a result, the Chieftain then asks Link to visit his son.[3] When Link agrees, the Chieftain explains that he wants Link to give Komali an item, which happens to be the Father's Letter, and that Medli is currently in possession of it.[4] Quill then gives Link the Delivery Bag, which can be used to carry the letter.[5]

Link finds Medli in one of the upper rooms.[6] After introducing herself, she gives him the Father's Letter and tells him where to find Komali.[7] However, when Link speaks with Komali, the prince is not very happy and mocks his father's encouragement within the letter, saying he doesn't need tp get a scale from the angry Valoo.[8] Because Link's name was mentioned in the letter, Komali tells him that he is nosy.[9] He refuses to listen to anything else that Link says unless he can calm down the Ritos' guardian spirit, Valoo.[10]



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