Delivery Bag

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Delivery Bag
TWW Delivery Bag.png




Holding items and letters


The Delivery Bag is an item in The Wind Waker.

The Wind Waker

The Delivery Bag is given to Link by Quill on Dragon Roost Island after he gets into a conversation with him and the Rito Chieftain. It can hold eight items and letters. After the Rito Chieftain leaves, Quill will give Link the Delivery Bag and asks him to seek out Medli.[1][2] It is first used after speaking with Medli, who will give Link Father's Letter, which is a letter that the Rito Chieftain wrote and Medli asks Link to deliver it to Prince Komali.



  1. "Here, [Link], take this with you! Who knows? It might come in handy." — Quill, The Wind Waker.
  2. "You should find Medli in one of the upper rooms. Leave the great Valoo to us. In the meanwhile, do your best to aid Prince Komali!" — Quill, The Wind Waker.