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This article is about the character in The Wind Waker. For the character in The Minish Cap, see Candy (The Minish Cap).
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Figurine of Candy from the Nintendo Gallery






Candy is a character in The Wind Waker.


He is a sailor who stands near the dock on Windfall Island. Though he appears older, he's actually only seventeen years old.

When Link first arrives at the island, he is looking for a Sail and can speak with Candy. Candy ridicules Link, questioning why he would ever give his sail away to Link when it is necessary for him to survive when at sea.[1]

After Link acquires the sail, Candy remains on the shore and when spoken too, he will comment on the direction of the wind, informing Link of what is in each of the directions.[2] The islands in the eight directions of the wind are as follows, along with Candy's commentary about the locations.

In the evening, Candy can be found at the Cafe Bar, enjoying a late night drink. Link can talk to him and he'll ramble on about Big Octo's. He talks about giant whirlwinds that form and out comes a massive squid with beady, gnarly, glowing eyes.[12][13] Candy seems to give Link indirect advice, but suggesting that the way to defeat a Big Octo is to hit him right in the eyes.[14] If Link tells Candy that he's been eaten up by a Big Octo, he won't believe him, as most sailors would be toast if that happen. Not Candy though, as he is as rough and tumble as they come.[15]

During the Endless Night, when Tetra's Pirate Crew comes ashore at Windfall Island, Candy will wonder what the pirates would want from such a peaceful island such as Windfall.[16]


Candy Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Good at Cooking: Grapes
At first glance, Candy looks a little intimidating, but he's actually extremely kind and quite knowledgeable.

He's always happy to share his knowledge, too. He's energetic and sort of a scamp for a seventeen year old.


While there is no direct connection, two sailors can be found right on the dock at Windfall Island, named Candy and Kane.



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  5. "So the wind is blowing to the northwest now, is it? Interesting, laddie! Aye, now that I think about it... There's a strangely magical island northwest of here. It's the kind of place that feels like it came straight out of a fairy tale. Why, I've even got mates who claim to have seen fairies on that island...but who knows whether they're telling the truth or not. The boys are prone to...boasting a wee bit." — Candy, The Wind Waker.
  6. "So, the wind blows east, does it, laddie? Have you seen the mountain far to the east of this island? The volcanic isle that spews molten lava?! Oh, not a nice place! Legend tells of a powerful treasure that lies waiting for one who can brave the very bowels of the earth and lay claim to it! Aye, that tale's famous amongst us sailors! That treasure... If the rumors are true, it can turn you into a titan! Aye! It bestows so much strength upon you, you could lift stones the size of small islands, laddie!" — Candy, The Wind Waker.
  7. "So the wind blows to the southeast, does she? Southeast... Now that I think about it, I recall seeing the strangest of houses on a lonely little isle to the south. It seemed downright out of place to me, laddie... I don't know what kind of fool goes building a cabana in these treacherous seas... But whoever did it has got some nerve, I tell you! Oh, aye!" — Candy, The Wind Waker.
  8. "Not many know of it, but there's an island of ice far to the south. Aye, it's said to be wrapped in a biting blizzard so nasty, it can freeze visitors solid in their tracks! But there's said to be a great treasure hidden there, amongst the savage snows. Or so the sailors tell..." — Candy, The Wind Waker.
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