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Miss Windfall Island






Minenco is a character in The Wind Waker. She lives on Windfall Island.

Minenco is known around Windfall Island to be a very attractive woman, and was dubbed Miss Windfall forty years ago. No woman has managed to take that title from her. During the day, she can be seen walking around Windfall Island, often bragging about her beauty and title, while at night, she can be found in the Auction House, where she bids on Zunari's auctions.

There is a rumor being spread by Vera and Pompie that she is having a love affair with the photographer Lenzo. During the day, if Link goes to the Ferris Wheel, there is a cart where Link can jump off and find a hidden entrance to Lenzo's house. If Link uses this hidden path, he can see Minenco and Lenzo talking about photography, and the photographs Lenzo takes of her. If Link takes a picture of them, and shows it to Vera and Pompie, they will award Link a Treasure Chart for showing them that they were simply discussing photography.