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Miss Windfall Island






Minenco is a character in The Wind Waker who lives on Windfall Island.


Minenco is known on Windfall Island for being a very attractive woman. She was once dubbed Miss Windfall forty years ago.[1] No woman has managed to take that title from her. She is often bragging about her beauty and title, even asking Link how she looks.[2][3] During the day, she can be seen standing around just outside of the Chu Jelly Juice Shop. At night, she can occasionally be found in the Auction House, where she bids on Zunari's auctions.

Treasure Chart #33

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After acquiring the Deluxe Picto Box, Link can speak with Minenco and she tells Link that he always shows off his pictures of her, as soon as he's taken them.[4] While not named directly, Minenco is referring to Lenzo. Link can take a pictograph of Minenco and then immediately show the picture to her. Minenco will comment about how stunning she looks and thanks Link for taking the picture.[5] She will reward Link with Treasure Chart 33. She comments that her son found the Treasure Chart and thinks that Link would like it.[6]

Putting the Rumors to Rest

Main article: Putting the Rumors to Rest

There is a rumor being spread by Vera and Pompie that Minenco is having a love affair with the photographer Lenzo.[7][8][9][10] After Link has activated the Windmill by changing the wind direction the north, and stepping on the switch located behind the Sinking Ships, he will be able to reach the upper balcony of Lenzo's House. If Link uses this hidden path, he can see Minenco and Lenzo talking about photography, and the photographs Lenzo takes of her.

Link can snap a picture of Lenzo and Minenco talking to each other. Minenco claims that she only came to his house so that Lenzo can take a pictograph of her exceptionally beautiful skin.[11] She tells Link that she's been a huge fan of pictographs for a long time now and doesn't want Link to take her presence at Lenzo's house the wrong way.[12]

Link can then show the pictograph of Lenzo and Minenco to Pompie and Vera.[13][14] After seeing the picture, the two admit that they were wrong about Lenzo having a girlfriend. Instead, it appears Lenzo and Minenco are just friends who share a hobby.[15] Pompie thanks Link and suggests they should stop spreading gossip like this.[16] Pompie will then give Link Treasure Chart 24.


Minenco Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Thing: Pictographs

This former beauty became famous after being dubbed Miss Windfall Island...about forty years ago. There isn't a younger woman who could take that title away.



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