Putting the Rumors to Rest

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Putting the Rumors to Rest




Speak with Pompie and Vera


Take Pictograph of Lenzo and Minenco


Putting the Rumors to Rest[1], also known as The Scoop on Lenzo[2], is a Side Quest from The Wind Waker. The sidequest, contains the entirety of the smaller, Lenzo's Secret quest.


Near Zunari's Shop, there are two women, Pompie and Vera, who are always spreading gossip. They seem to have a thing for Lenzo, describing him as being 'dreamy'. They did hear a rumor that he was involved with a woman, and they wonder if the rumors were true. They have some skepticism, as he seems too serious about his work to be involved with somebody.[3][4][5][6]

As part of the Relighting the Lighthouse side quest, Link is able to get the Windmill spinning again. To do so, he can play the Wind Waker and change the direction of the wind to the north. Then, he climb the tall ladder, located just behind the Sinking Ships mini-game. At the top of the ladder there is a switch and when stepped on, the Windmill will be activated. Link can then head through the Sinking Ships building and climb up the stairs to the higher exit. From there he can ride on the gondola seats of the Windmill.

After riding the Windmill to its highest point, it will start to head down. It heads down and passes a door which is the top floor of Lenzo's House. Link can jump and land on the balcony. If he has the Deku Leaf, he can float on over. Inside, Link can find a pair of treasure chests, one of which contains Treasure Chart 29, he can crawl through a narrow passageway, which brings Link inside of Lenzo's house on the lower floor. Here, he'll find Lenzo and Minenco chatting, at which Link can sneak a Pictograph of the two of them.

Link can then show the pictograph of Lenzo and Minenco to Pompie and Vera.[7][8] After seeing the picture, the two admit that they were wrong about Lenzo having a girlfriend. Instead, it appears Lenzo and Minenco are just friends who share a hobby.[9] Pompie thanks Link and suggests they should stop spreading gossip like this.[10] Pompie will then give Link Treasure Chart 24, telling Link that her son had found it.


  • Speak with Pompie and Vera to hear the rumor.
  • Play the Wind's Requiem and blow the wind to the north.
  • Activate the Windmill by stepping on the switch behind the Sinking Ships mini-game.
  • Ride the Windmill to the Balcony at Lenzo's House.
  • Open the treasure chest here to get Treasure Chart 29.
  • Crawl through the whole to find Lenzo and Minenco chatting.
  • Take a Pictograph of the two of them.
  • Show the Pictograph to Pompie and Vera to get Treasure Chart 24.


  • Treasure Chart 29 leads to Sunken Treasure 29, found at Mother and Child Isles. The treasure chest here contains a Silver Rupee, worth 200 rupees.
  • Treasure Chart 24 leads to Sunken Treasure 24, found at Northern Fairy Island. The treasure chest here contains a Silver Rupee, worth 200 rupees.



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