Sinking Ships

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Sinking Ships

Sinking Ships, also known as Squid-Hunt, is a mini-game found in The Wind Waker. This mini-game is found on Windfall Island and hosted by Salvatore. It closely resembles the board game Battleship.


Sinking Ships can be found on Windfall Island near the center of town where the Killer Bees are walking around. The mini-game is accessible as soon as Link arrives at Windfall Island and it will cost 10 Rupees to play.


The objective of the game is to sink three different sized squid pods that are hidden on the 8x8 playing board with a maximum of 24 cannons. For every wrong guess, an "X" appears on that space of the board and for every hit, an orange star-shaped mark appears.[1] The three squids vary in size, with one spanning 2 square, one spanning 3 squares, and the largest one spanning 4 squares.

The game is almost entirely luck-based as the positions of the squids are always randomised. However, there is some strategy as to how to choose where to launch the cannonballs. In general, you want to pick locations near the center of the grid, and if you miss, you never want to pick an adjacent square. There is a community tool which can help you narrow down the likely location of the squid for each randomly generated board.


If Link is successful and wins the game by finding all three squid pods, Salvatore offers Link a Piece of Heart as his prize the first time. If Link plays again and beats the game again, he will be awarded with Treasure Chart 7. This chart leads to a chest that contains 200 Rupees, found near Star Island. If Link beats the game, scoring 20 points or less, he will be rewarded with Treasure Chart 23. This chart leads to another Piece of Heart located at the spot marked on the chart near Diamond Steppe Island. When getting Treasure Chart 23, Link will still get the Purple Rupee reward as well. When getting a personal best score, Link will get an Orange Rupee, but will also get the Purple Rupee for completing the game.

Additionally, while not part of the mini-game itself, there are three Yellow Rupees found behind where the mini-game is played. Link can climb up and collect the three for some extra rupees to play with.



  1. "Velcome to zee fleet! I am zee great Admiral Dolvalski! Look sharp, for vee are zee sole protectors of zis island! Admiral! Red alert! All hands on deck! Sonar shows that schools of deadly giant squid are approaching! All ships prepare for battle! VAT?!? VERE?!? Ah! Hoo! I see! Zee fiends approach! Zere are three squid groups: a large one, a medium one, und a small one! If vee allow zem to come any closer, zee children on zee island vill be in grave danger! Sailor! Take command of our new radar system to seek out and sink all of zese fiendishly hidden enemies! But be haff only 24 cannonballs zat you can fire. To destroy zee marauding squid pods, you must score four direct hits on zee large, three on zee medium, und two on zee small! Use [+] to move zee cursor und press [A] to fire a cannon blast! May your aim be true! Zat is all! Zat is all zee instruction you need!" — Salvatore, The Wind Waker.