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Lenzo's Pictograph Assistant



Acquire Picto Box


Speak with Lenzo


Take Various Pictographs


Lenzo's Pictograph Assistant, also known as Lenzo's Research Assistant, is a Side Quest from The Wind Waker.


After helping Tingle escape from the Town Jail, Link can crawl through the hole in the back of the Jail Cell. One of the paths leads to a treasure chest that contains the Picto Box. After acquiring the Picto Box, he can show it to Lenzo and this will give Link access to Lenzo's Pictograph Gallery.

After talking with Lenzo, he will ask Link if he will become his Pictograph Assistant.[1][2][3] Lenzo will give Link various commands and will ask that he promptly complete them.[4] Lenzo will then tell Link that he has three commands for him to complete.[5]

A Love Letter

Main article: A Love Letter

The first command is to find somebody in Windfall Island who despite constant rejection, continues to try to write love letters.[6][7] Lenzo requires physical evidence, so Link will need to use the Pictograph to take a photograph of this hopeless romantic in action.[8][9]

Lenzo is referring to Garrickson. During the daytime he starts his journey right outside of Lenzo's House. He will walk around town, down to the Mailbox where he will drop a letter off.[10] Link will need to take a Pictograph of Garrickson, while he is dropping the letter in the mail.

After snapping the picture, Lenzo will give a positive remark on the photograph, although he does understand Garrickson's dilemma, as he reminds him of himself when he was younger.[11][12][13]

The Face of Fear

Main article: The Face of Fear

The second command is to find the most timid and cowardly resident. Lenzo wants to flog his spirit and lend him some backbone. He will give Link a hint that the person flinches and jumps at even the slightest of surprises. Lenzo wants Link to capture pure fear in the individual's face.[14][15]

Gossack can be found in the Cafe Bar, just above Zunari's Shop. He can be found standing by the table and will get scared by almost anything. Link can roll into a wall or throw a pot, and it will cause him to shiver. Link will need to take a picture while Gossack is shiverring.

Lenzo will comment that the individual is clearly the town's most timid of denizens. Although Lenzo will comment that Gossack is quite the striking individual.[16][17]

The Secret Couple

Main article: The Secret Couple

The third command is to find a man and woman who are secretly in love with one another, but for whatever reason, they have not spoken. Lenzo cannot let this go and wants to become Cupid, archer of love.[18][19][20][21]

Just outside of Lenzo's House, the Killer Bees can be found, along with Linda. She stays there waiting and another man named Anton can be found walking around. Anton journeys from near the entrance of the Town Jail, down to the docks, and then back up, all the way to where the Killer Bees are found. When he comes near Linda, he stops and the two share a glance. Link will need to take a photograph while the two are staring at one another.

Lenzo will comment that he didn't even know the extent of their passion for one another. He thanks Link and tells him that he is proud to call Link his assistant.[22][23] In The Wind Waker HD, Lenzo will present Link with the Deluxe Picto Box. which is capable of taking colored pictures.[24][25]

Final Ingredient

In the original version of The Wind Waker for the Nintendo GameCube, there is one more step to this quest. Link will need to capture a Forest Firefly from the Forest Haven. The firefly can be found just near the entrance to the Forest Potion Shop. After Link brings this to Lenzo, he will upgrade his Picto Box into the Deluxe Picto Box.

In The Wind Waker HD, since Link already has the Deluxe Picto Box, Lenzo will simply reward Link by giving him a Joy Pendant. Although Lenzo makes no mention of the Forest Firefly.

Nintendo Gallery

After acquiring the Deluxe Pictobox, Link is able to take part in the Nintendo Gallery quest, where he can photograph every boss, character, and enemy encountered throughout his journey. The Nintendo Gallery is located near the Forest Haven and it is run by Carlov and Manny.


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