The Face of Fear

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The Face of Fear



Complete A Love Letter


Speak with Lenzo


Take Pictograph of Gossip in Fear



The Face of Fear[1] is a quest that is part of the Lenzo's Pictograph Assistant Side Quest in The Wind Waker.


After acquiring the Picto Box, Link can speak with Lenzo to begin the Side Quest, Lenzo's Pictograph Assistant. Lenzo gives Link three commands as part of the quest, with the first being A Love Letter. After taking a picture of Garrickson and completing the first command, Link will then get the second command, The Face of Fear

Lenzo tasks Link to find the most timid and cowardly resident in Windfall Island. Lenzo wants to flog his spirit and lend him some backbone. He will give Link a hint that the person flinches and jumps at even the slightest of surprises. Lenzo wants Link to capture pure fear in the individual's face.[2][3]

Gossack can be found in the Cafe Bar, just above Zunari's Shop. The slightest of almost any noise will cause Gossack to shake in fear. Link can cause this by tossing one of the nearby pots, or by simply rolling into the wall. Either of these actions will cause Gossack to shiver and Link will need to take a picture while he is shivering. Gossack will be scared for several moments, so Link has some time to take the picture.

Lenzo will comment that the individual is clearly the town's most timid of denizens. Although Lenzo will comment that Gossack is quite the striking individual.[4][5]



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