A Love Letter

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A Love Letter



Acquire Picto Box


Speak with Lenzo




A Love Letter is a quest that is part of the Lenzo's Pictograph Assistant Side Quest in The Wind Waker.


After acquiring the Picto Box, Link can speak with Lenzo to begin the Side Quest, Lenzo's Pictograph Assistant. Lenzo gives Link three commands as part of the quest, with the first being A Love Letter.

Lenzo asks Link to find somebody on Windfall Island who despite constant rejection, continues to try to write love letters.[1][2] As with all the quests, Lenzo needs to see evidence of this occurrence. Link will need to get photograph of the action.[3][4]

The hopeless romantic on Windfall Island is Garrickson. During the daytime he starts his journey right outside of Lenzo's House. He will walk down the stairs in front of Zunari's Shop and then in front of the Auction House. He will make his way down to the Mailbox. He'll first look around, seeming to check if anybody is watching him, and then he will drop a letter off.[5] Link will need to take a Pictograph of Garrickson, while he is actually dropping the letter in the mailbox.

After snapping the picture, Lenzo will give a positive remark on the photograph, although he does understand Garrickson's dilemma, as he reminds him of himself when he was younger.[6][7][8]



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