Gold Skulltula Token

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Gold Skulltula Token
Gold Skulltula Token.png



Ocarina of Time
Scattered across Hyrule
Majora's Mask
The Swamp Spider House and Oceanside Spider House


Ocarina of Time
Helping the Cursed Rich Family
Majora's Mask
Saving the Swamp Spider House resident, enabling the sale of the Oceanside Spider House


Gold Skulltula Tokens, also known as Gold Skulltula Spirits, are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series. They can be obtained by defeating Gold Skulltulas.

Ocarina of Time

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Gold Skulltula Tokens in Ocarina of Time are part of a side quest that progresses as Link ventures into new places. One hundred Gold Skulltulas are hidden throughout Hyrule, some of them being very hard to find. If Link collects these tokens, the Cursed Rich Family will reward him, because they were cursed for being greedy. For every 10 tokens (up to 50), Link frees a member of the family and is rewarded. Collecting all 100 frees the patriarch.

The tokens can be collected by touching them or by using the Boomerang or the Hookshot.

Majora's Mask

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Gold Skulltula Spirits in Majora's Mask are found in the Oceanside Spider House and Swamp Spider House. Each of these houses contain 30 Gold Skulltulas, each of which gives up a spirit upon defeat.

When Link collects all thirty from the Swamp Spider House, he acquires the Mask of Truth.

When Link collects all thirty from the Oceanside Spider House within the First Day in the N64 version, or at any time in Majora's Mask 3D, he acquires the Adult's or Giant's Wallet (depending on whether or not Link has deposited 200 rupees in the Clock Town Bank. If Link completes it on the Second or Final Day in the N64 version, then all he acquires is a Huge Rupee.


  • A glitch exists allowing Link to repeatedly collect the same Gold Skulltula Token (#78) in a Secret Grotto, near the lone tree by the Hyrule Castle moat. Link can Boomerang the token just as he hits the exit, so that when he reenters, the Skulltula is still there. Cheating this way, a player can get all the way to 100 Skulltulas.