Poacher's Saw

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Poacher's Saw
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Obtained from


Can be traded to Master Craftsman for the Broken Goron's Sword

The Poacher's Saw is the sixth item in the Ocarina of Time trading sequence.

Ocarina of Time

To obtain the Poacher's Saw, Link must have the Odd Potion. He must then travel to the Lost Woods, taking the first left from the entrance, to the place where the Young Punk is located. However, he will only find Fado there, who will tell him that anyone who's not a Kokiri will get lost in the Lost Woods and will become a Stalfos. She will also say that only his saw is left. She will ask Link to give back the Odd Potion, saying it belongs to the woods,[1][2] and will give him the Poacher's Saw in return (the one the Young Punk left behind). Link must then give the saw to the Master Craftsman, the boss of the Carpenters, who will be standing on the far side of the Gerudo Valley. If Link has already rescued the carpenters, the bridge will be built, otherwise he must either use the Longshot or jump with Epona.[3] He must then give the saw to the Master Craftsman, who will give him the Broken Goron's Sword in return, saying he wanted to go to the town to have it fixed but it's not much use to him anyway.[4][5]



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