Odd Mushroom

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Odd Mushroom
The Odd Mushroom from Ocarina of Time





Obtained from


Can be traded for the Odd Potion/Odd Poultice


The Odd Mushroom is the fourth item in the Ocarina of Time Trading Sequence.

It is given to Link by the Master Craftsman's Son, the man found in the Lost Woods. He will only give it to Link if he has brought him Cojiro. With the Odd Mushroom, he will ask for your help. He asks Link to bring it to the Old Hag from the Potion Shop. However, the Odd Mushroom will spoil in three minutes, so it must be delivered within that time. Warping is not allowed.

With the Odd Mushroom, the Old Hag will give Link the Odd Potion, and tell him to bring it back to the man. For the whole trading sequence, see Ocarina of Time Biggoron's Sword Trading Sequence.



  • If Link glitches into the Gerudo's Fortress as a child, the chest on top of the westernmost part which normally contains Heart Piece #34 instead contains an Odd Mushroom.