Stone of Agony

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Stone of Agony
Stone of Agony.png




Discovers hidden objects


The Stone of Agony is an item found in Ocarina of Time. It alerts Link to the presence of nearby hidden objects through a Rumble Pak plugged into the N64 controller. It is received in the House of Skulltula after collecting twenty Gold Skulltula Tokens.

In the GameCube port, dialogue in connection with the Stone is changed to refer to a "rumble feature" rather than Rumble Pak, as the was internalised on the GameCube controller, but it otherwise functions identically

In contrast, while the Stone of Agony is still an obtainable item in the Wii Virtual Console, the rumble feature was disabled and it thus does absolutely nothing.


  • The Stone of Agony's appearance is based upon the Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak.
  • In Ocarina of Time 3D, the Stone of Agony was renamed the Shard of Agony. It still keeps the same function, but its appearance differs and Link is alerted differently.