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Gerudo Mask






Disguising as a Gerudo woman[1][2]


In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ゲルドのお面
France Française Masque de Gerudo
Spain Español Máscara Gerudo
Germany Deutsch Gerudo-Maske
Italy Italiana Maschera Gerudo

"You borrowed a Gerudo Mask. Wear it with (C) to show it off! This mask will make you look like...a girl?"

— In-game description

The Gerudo Mask is a Mask from Ocarina of Time. It looks like a Gerudo woman, being beautiful and exotic.[3] According to the Lake Scientist in Lake Hylia, the mask has very fine craftsmanship, but it might not make a good ingredient for his medicine.[4] Link can borrow the mask from the Happy Mask Shop after he has borrowed and sold the first four masks.[5] Link can use the mask as a great lady's disguise with its charming eyes.[6]

Many people across Hyrule have different reactions to the mask when Link wears it. While some Hyruleans think that Link is a pretty, Gerudo woman,[7][8][9] other people know that Link is wearing a mask.[10][11][12] However, some people show hatred or are scared by the mask since of the reputation of the Gerudo.[13][14][15][16] Although the purpose of the mask is to be disguised as a Gerudo woman, one of the carpenters confuses Link for Mutoh, his boss.[17] Another carpenter says that someday he will carve a mask similar to the Gerudo Mask once he has more skill.[18] Confusing Link for his mother when wearing it, the blue Laughing Man in the Market soon realizes that Link isn't his mom and tells him not to scare him like that.[19][9] Similarly, Mutoh and Talon are reminded by the Gerudo Mask of their wife but notice that the mask looks nothing like their wife.[20] Unlike some men, the Bean Seller feels that the Gerudo Mask is not his style.[21] When talking to the Gorons and some Guards, they won't comment on Link when he is wearing the mask.[22][23] When worn around the Zora tribe, they comment on how they have seen people like that before.[24] King Zora tells Link that the mask gives him chills.[25]

If Link wears the Gerudo Mask while talking to a Gerudo woman, she tells him that he has guts for wearing the mask, but he cannot fool them that easily.[26][27][28] Nabooru, a member of the Gerudo race, comments on how it looks like her, but shortly after, she takes back her comment as if you look closely at the mask, the resemblance disappears according to her.[29]



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