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Nintendo Power
Nintendo Power #267 (May 2011) main cover, featuring Ocarina of Time 3D

Significant issues


Issue #1

United States July 1988

Issue #285 (Final Issue)

United States December 11, 2012



Nintendo of America (1988–2007)
Future Publishing (2007–2012)




Nintendo Power was a magazine focused on, and initially published by, Nintendo. It was the official Nintendo of America magazine from August 1988 until its closure in December 2012 with issue 285.

It featured many articles related to Nintendo and its games; including reviews, walkthroughs, new game news and strategy guides.

Up through the end of 1990, Nintendo Power magazine volumes were released covering two-month periods of time, and they were not generally numbered in or on the magazine until Volume 16 (September/October 1990), although "Strategy Guide" issues before this carried a dual "SGxx/NPxx" numbering.

Issues with The Legend of Zelda content

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