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Title Deed
The Town Title Deed




Obtaining 5 Pieces of Heart

Title Deeds are quest items from Majora's Mask.

Town Title Deed

Land Title Deed.jpg
Main article: Town Title Deed

Once the Moon's Tear has been collected by Link, he may talk to the Business Scrub located in South Clock Town to trade the Moon's Tear for the Town Title Deed. The Business Scrub will then leave his Deku Flower, freeing it up for Link to use. If Link dons the Deku Mask and jumps into the flower, he can soar to a ledge on the Clock Tower where there is a visible Piece of Heart located. The Town Title Deed is the only Title Deed that is necessary for progress in Majora's Mask.

Swamp Title Deed

Swamp Title Deed.jpg
Main article: Swamp Title Deed

There is a Business Scrub that resides in the Southern Swamp. The Business Scrub is located on the ledge above the Swamp Tourist Center. If Link climbs up the ladder and speaks with the Business Scrub without wearing a mask, he will be able to trade the Town Title Deed for the Swamp Title Deed. This will cause the Business Scrub to leave the Deku Flower he is occupying and freeing it up for Link's use. Simply don the Deku Mask and propel yourself up to a Piece of Heart on the top of the Swamp Tourist Center.

Mountain Title Deed

Mountain Title Deed.jpg
Main article: Mountain Title Deed

Once Goron Village is made available to Link, he can trade the Swamp Title Deed for the Mountain Title Deed. The Business Scrub will be sitting atop an icy ledge, and will only respond correctly when Link is wearing the Deku Mask. He will talk about how he longs to return to the Southern Swamp, and then will leave the Deku Flower he was previously occupying. Keeping the Deku Mask on, Link can use the flower to launch to a nearby ledge where a Piece of Heart lies in store.

Ocean Title Deed

Ocean Title Deed.jpg
Main article: Ocean Title Deed

After obtaining the Mountain Title Deed from the third Business Scrub, Link must venture to Zora Hall in the depths of Great Bay Coast. The hall consists of multiple rooms that belong to the band members of The Indigo-Go's. In the room of lead singer Lulu, a Business Scrub lies in wait. The Mountain Title Deed can only be traded for the Ocean Title Deed if Link is wearing the Goron Mask. The Business Scrub is excited to move to the Goron Village, and leaves the Deku Flower he was occupying. Link can then don the Deku Mask and use the flower to launch to a platform where a Piece of Heart rests.

Final Trade

Link must then go to Ikana Canyon where the final Business Scrub waits. If Link talks to the Business Scrub while wearing the Zora Mask and trades in the Ocean Title Deed, he will give Link an Orange Rupee worth 200 Rupees in return. This will free up the Deku Flower the scrub was resting on. Link must put on the Deku Mask once again and use the flower to propel himself to the ledge in the distance, where a Piece of Heart can be found.