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Town Title Deed





Land claim for the Deku Flower in South Clock Town
Trading for the Swamp Title Deed
Given to ??? as paper


The Town Title Deed, also known as the Land Title Deed, is an item from Majora's Mask.

Majora's Mask

The item is a claim to the Deku Flower found within South Clock Town. The item is required, as Link will need to gain access to the Deku Flower in order to reach the Clock Tower.

If Link tries to approach the Deku Flower, he will be yelled at by the Business Scrub that owns the flower, telling him not to use the flower while he is not around.[1] When Link speaks to the Business Scrub, he talks about the shiniest stone in the world, the Moon's Tear. He mentions that if Link is able to get his hands on one as a gift for his wife, he will trade the spot.[2]

Link is able to acquire the Moon's Tear from the Astral Observatory. After navigating through the Bombers' Hideout and reaching Shikashi at the Observatory, Link will be able to look through the Telescope. If he looks on top of the Clock Tower, he will find the Skull Kid, and shortly after a Moon's Tear will come falling down. Link can walk outside to recover the Moon's Tear.

Link can take this Moon's Tear to the Business Scrub and give it to him, and in exchange, Link will acquire the Town Title Deed.[3] The Business Scrub will thank Link and then indicate that if he'd like, Link could likely sell the Title Deed to Business Scrubs outside of town and that it would likely fetch a high price.[4]

Link can later take the Town Title Deed and trade it to the Business Scrub located in the Southern Swamp, right by the Swamp Tourist Center.[5] Doing so will prevent Link from using the Deku Flower in Clock Town, but instead, will acquire the Swamp Title Deed and gain access to the Deku Flower here.

Alternatively, Link can use the Town Title Deed as Paper, giving it to the Mysterious Character in the bathroom of the Stock Pot Inn. Link can do this after midnight on each night, and will result in Link acquiring a Piece of Heart.

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  • This item was known as the Land Title Deed in Majora's Mask, but its name was changed to the Town Title Deed with the release of Majora's Mask 3D.



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