Ocean Title Deed

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Ocean Title Deed





Land claim for the Deku Flower in Zora Hall
Trading for the Deku Flower in Ikana Canyon
Given to ??? as paper


The Ocean Title Deed is an item from Majora's Mask.

Majora's Mask

The item is a claim to the Deku Flower located in Lulu's room at the Zora Hall. The Business Scrub will sell Green Potion to Zora Link, as his target market is that of the Zoras. If you speak to the Business Scrub as Deku Link, or as a Human, he will state that he is only dealing with Zoras.[1] If Link speaks to the Business Scrub found here as Goron Link, the Business Scrub will mention that he wants to do business where it is cooler and the air is clean.[2]

If Link shows him the Mountain Title Deed, it will excite the Business Scrub, and he'll ask if Link would be willing to trade it for his current spot.[3][4] After making the trade, the Business Scrub will head off to Goron Village.[5]

With the Ocean Title Deed in hand, Link can use the Deku Flower to reach the upper ledge to acquire a Piece of Heart. Later, Link can trade the Ocean Title Deed to the Business Scrub located outside of Sakon's Hideout in Ikana Canyon in exchange for a huge rupee, and usage of the Deku Flower, allowing Link to reach another Piece of Heart. Doing so will cause Link to lose access to the Deku Flower in the Zora Hall.

Alternatively, Link can use the Ocean Title Deed as Paper, giving it to the Mysterious Character in the bathroom of the Stock Pot Inn. Link can do this after midnight on each night, and will result in Link acquiring a Piece of Heart.

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