Timeshift Stone

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Timeshift Stone
TimeShift Stone (Inactive).png
An inactive Timeshift Stone




To bring an area back to the past


Timeshift Stones are large purple stones found in the Lanayru Province. When struck, they turn blue and produce a temporal disruption field, rendering the surrounding area in a past state.[1] These stones are mined by Ancient Robots and used as a power source for both themselves and their equipment.[2] The Timeshift Stones propelling the Sandship is one example of how they are used.[3]


With the Thunder Dragon's permission,[4] Timeshift Stones are gathered from many locations in Lanayru Province, Lanayru Gorge being the first area to be mined.[5] Specialized Ancient Robots dig the ore out of the ground using large claws.

Once gathered from the ground, Timeshift Stones are transported to Lanayru Mining Facility for processing.[6] Here, they are purified into usable power sources before being shipped to where they are needed.[7]

Timeshift Orb

Main article: Timeshift Orb

Some Timeshift Stones are compressed into portable truncated octahedrons called Timeshift Orbs that were designed to be installed in different places.[8] These appear to be in a permanently activated state and must be moved in order to affect the surrounding area.

The Past

The disruption field created by Timeshift Stones returns the surrounding area to the state in which it existed in the past, in addition to recalling objects and creatures native to the past. Robots and machinery, including Armos, Beamos, and Sentrobes used for security measures,[9] are returned to a powered state. Dead organisms such as Technoblins and the Thunder Dragon himself are also brought to life, as are plants, including Ancient Flowers and Deku Babas. Another effect that Timeshift Stones cause is enemies like Ampilus revert to their larval stage when in range of the stone.[10]

Everything down to the terrain is affected by the disruption field, reverting the sand into its original grassy state - or water in the case of the Lanayru Sand Sea. Various gates and doors can be opened or closed depending on which time state they are in.


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