Gorman Troupe

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Gorman Troupe
MM3D-Guru-Guru.png Gorman-Art.png MM3D-Rosa-Sisters.png
Guru-Guru, Gorman and the Rosa Sisters


Circus Performers





The Gorman Troupe is a band of performers hired by the city of Clock Town to do a show at the Carnival of Time. Their leader is Gorman, a surly gentleman who can be found most easily at the Milk Bar. The troupe itself is made up by Guru-Guru, the Rosa Sisters, and the Twin Jugglers, who are all staying at the Stock Pot Inn.

When interacting with members of the Gorman Troupe, Link has the opportunity to get items and further his quest. After giving a nostalgic musical performance for Gorman, Link gets the Troupe Leader's Mask, which is helpful when facing his brothers over at the Gorman Track. If he teaches the Rosa Sisters to dance, they give him a Piece of Heart. Guru-Guru just wants to tell his story, and if Link listens, he will be given the Bremen Mask.

Of all the troupe members, Gorman is the only one who talks with other residents of Clock Town. He is affiliated with Toto, the manager of The Indigo-Go's, and Madame Aroma.