Stamina (Cadence of Hyrule)

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Use magic items/abilities


Stamina is a game mechanic in Cadence of Hyrule identical to Magic Power in A Link to the Past. Using magic items or abilities uses Stamina. There are multiple ways to replenish lost Stamina. Collecting Magic Jars completely replenishes Stamina, and Stamina Potions will completely restore lost Stamina. Certain items, such as the Shovel of Stamina, replenish some Stamina when used. Stamina also replenishes by a fourth of a unit per enemy defeated.


The following is a list of all items that use Stamina.

Item Cost*
Elemental Arrows 1 unit
Fire Rod 1 unit
Ice Rod 1 unit
Pegasus Anklet 1 unit
Rito Feather 1 unit
Deku Leaf 1 unit
Cane of Somaria 1 unit
Megaton Hammer 1 unit
Magic Cape Gradual: 0.25 units/beat
Magic Torch Gradual: 0.25 units/beat
Spin Attack 1 unit
Shield Technique 1 unit
Nayru's Love 1 unit + 0.25 units/beat
Din's Fire 2 units
Shovel Strike 1 unit
Fireball 2 units
Haste 4 units
Naginata Charge 1 unit
Passive Ability (Impa) 4 units
Mask ability 1 unit
Darknut Mask frontal damage 1 unit/hit

*For reference, a full stamina bar is 4 units.