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Magic Power is a recurring ability in The Legend of Zelda series. It is accompanied by a Magic Meter, which is drained slowly as Magic Power is used. It can be replenished with Magic Jars, Green Potions, Blue Potions, or other recovery items.

The Adventure of Link

In The Adventure of Link, Magic plays an important part in the game. Link's Magic Power can be leveled to eight alongside Life and Attack as Link gains experience. Increasing magic level has no effects on the spells themselves, but makes them cheaper to cast. There are eight spells to learn: Shield, Jump, Life, Fairy, Fire, Reflect, Spell, and Thunder. Four Magic Containers located across Hyrule also increase Link's maximum power.

A Link to the Past

Several items appear in A Link to the Past that use Magic Power. It is used very often, even as early as in the first dungeon due to the Lamp. Many other useful magical objects can be obtained over the course of Link's journey, such as the Magic Powder and Magic Cape. The Fire Rod and Ice Rod take power as well. There are also three medallions – Bombos Medallion, Ether Medallion, and Quake Medallion – that drain large quantities of magic, as well as the Cane of Byrna and Cane of Pacci. Link's Magic Meter can be doubled by the Mad Batter.

Ocarina of Time

Magic Power in Ocarina of Time is a gift granted to Link by the Great Fairy of Power. Originally, it is solely used for the Spin Attack. However, later, Link acquires other items that use Magic Power, such as the Lens of Truth. Three spells are also obtained from the Great Fairies, namely Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, and Nayru's Love. Arrows can also have different effects applied to them with the use of Magic Power, like Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, and Light Arrows.

Majora's Mask

Similar to Ocarina of Time, Link gains Magic Power from a Great Fairy in Majora's Mask. Although the Spin Attack, Lens of Truth and magic arrows reappear, there are also many new uses for the power in Majora's Mask. While Link is wearing the Deku Mask, Deku Link can use Magic Power to spit bubbles. As a Goron, Link becomes covered in spikes as he is rolling around, though it drains the magic quickly. In Zora form, Link can create an electrical current around his body to harm enemies. Additionally, Fierce Deity Link's Sword Beams take some of the power and the Giant's Mask slowly drains it as it is being worn.

A new item, Chateau Romani, can be used to grant Link unlimited Magic Power for the full three day cycle.

The Wind Waker

Link obtains Magic Power from the Great Deku Tree in The Wind Waker. He first uses it with the Deku Leaf, but later, he can also learn the Hurricane Spin and use Fire, Ice, and Light arrows. Magic Armor is also given to Link by Zunari and can use Magic Power to keep Link entirely safe from damage.

In addition to the normal methods of restoration, the Elixir Soup will fully replenish Link's Magic Power.


  • Although Twilight Princess did not have Magic Power, it may have been present during early development, as the Wii game case has a screenshot on the back with a green meter.