Hurricane Spin

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Hurricane Spin
Hurricane Spin - TWW.png
Link in mid-Hurricane Spin, from The Wind Waker



Orca and Sturgeon's House, Outset Island (Wind Waker)
House of Lumberjacks (A Link to the Past)
Hero's Trial (Four Swords Anniversary Edition)

Learned from

Orca (The Wind Waker)
Q. Bumpkin (A Link to the Past)
N/A (Four Swords Anniversary Edition)

How to Perform

Hold sword button to charge, then release.


Unleashes a large Spin Attack with massive damage; effective for multiple enemies.


The Hurricane Spin is a sword based skill. It serves as an upgrade to the Spin Attack,

The Wind Waker

The Hurricane Spin is taught to Link on Outset Island, under the direction of Orca, in The Wind Waker. This skill is noted for its ability to strike multiple times in a circular motion and is iconic for its charge up, the long spin, and making Link briefly dizzy upon completion. It also costs Magic Power.[1]

Orca is a sword master who resides on Outset Island. He is the person who initially gives Link the Hero's Sword before Link departs with Tetra's Pirates to the Forsaken Fortress.[2][3] Orca later sends Link a Letter saying that if Link wants to be a true swordsman, then he needs to return with ten Knight's Crests.[4] When Link returns with the ten required Knight's Crests, Orca explains that he and his brother had always dreamed of learning such a technique, which can only be learned by those able to gather ten of the crests.[5] He then teaches Link the Hurricane Spin.[6][7]

Since the Hurricane Spin is a longer, more powerful Spin Attack, it is most useful on multiple enemies and makes defeating them easier, at times, rather than combating each enemy one at a time. Places where this is useful include: The Savage Labyrinth, the Jalhalla boss fight when Jalhalla splits into multiple Poes, and cutting grass. This skill is also useful for combat with Phantom Ganon, as it reflects the energy used in the Dead Man's Volley attacks. However, Link must time their attack carefully in order to miss being hit and or missing the opportunity to strike him with the Sword. While this skill is quite useful in many places, it is not useful for Orca's mini-game, in which Link is told to strike Orca as many times as possible, since the Hurricane Spin here will leave Link vulnerable to Orca and only counts as one hit.

A Link to the Past (GBA)

Q. Bumpkin's Riddle Quest is unlocked by obtaining ten Medals of Courage in a game of Four Swords within the same save file. Completing this by collecting all ten items identified by the riddles and bringing them to Q. Bumpkin has him teach Link his "family's secret sword technique"[8], the Hurricane Spin.

Four Swords Anniversary Edition

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The Hurricane Spin is unlocked by completing the Hero's Trial.


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