Sacred Shield

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Sacred Shield
Official artwork




500 Rupees[2]


Blocking attacks


In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 聖なる盾 (Sacred Shield)
France Française bouclier sacré (Sacred Shield)
Spain Español escudo sagrado (Sacred Shield)
Germany Deutsch heiligen Schild (Holy Shield)
Italy Italiana scudo sacro (Sacred Shield)
South Korea 한국어 성스러운 방패 (Sacred Shield)

The Sacred Shield is a shield from Skyward Sword. It can be purchased at the Gear Shop[1] within the Bazaar of Skyloft, for a hefty 500 Rupees.[2] It only becomes available once Link has defeated The Imprisoned for the first time.

The Sacred Shield's main selling point is the fact that it repairs itself upon being damaged overtime,[3][4] unlike the wooden and iron shields. However, it is more fragile than the aforementioned shields,[3] needing a lot less damage to break. The Sacred Shield can block all sorts of attacks, including fire, electricity, and curse attacks.[3][5] Furthermore, the Sacred Shield has the special ability of being able to startle Cursed Bokoblins when they see the shield.[6]

The Sacred Shield can be upgraded to the Divine Shield and the Goddess Shield.




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