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In Skyward Sword, Link's shields come in three main lines - which will break with prolonged use, and which each have advantages and disadvantages - plus the Hylian Shield which becomes available in the latter part of the game. Most shields can be bought and upgraded at the Bazaar, except for the Hylian Shield, which is awarded to Link by Lanayru.

It is primarily operated by the player with motions of the nunchuk (Wii version), left Joy-Con (Skyward Sword HD motion controls) or by clicking the left stick (Skyward Sword HD button controls). Link can use his shield to deflect certain items back at enemies, an example being reflecting rocks back at Octoroks when they shoot towards him. It can quickly be held in defense following a sword combo. Motion control of the Shield is quite limited compared to the sword, but it still plays a vital role in combat.

Wooden Shields

Wooden Shield

Main article: Wooden Shield#Skyward Sword

The first shield Link can get, the Wooden Shield has the lowest durability of any shield in the game, and will burn up quickly from a fire attack, but is resistant to electrical attacks. One can be obtained for free by speaking with Instructor Owlan after Zelda falls out of the sky; or one can be bought for 50 rupees from the Gear Shop.

Banded Shield

Main article: Banded Shield

The Banded Shield is much more durable than the Wooden Shield it is upgraded from, but will still burn to ashes under a fire attack. It costs 30 rupees and a number of specific treasures to upgrade the Wooden Shield at the Scrap Shop.

Braced Shield

Main article: Braced Shield

The Braced Shield maintains the strengths and weaknesses of its forebears, but with greater durability. Upgrading a Banded Shield to a Braced Shield costs 30 rupees and a number of specific treasures.

Iron Shields

Iron Shield

Main article: Iron Shield

Much more durable than a basic Wooden Shield, the Iron Shield can also block fire attacks; but conducts electricity. The second shield Link can buy, it can be obtained after beating Skyview Temple for 100 Rupees at the Gear Shop.

Reinforced Shield

Main article: Reinforced Shield

A general improvement in durability and stopping power, the Reinforced Shield costs 50 rupees and several treasures to upgrade an Iron Shield to at the Scrap Shop.

Fortified Shield

Main article: Fortified Shield

The second-toughest shield in the game after the Hylian Shield in base durability, the Fortified Shield can be made from a Reinforced Shield for 100 rupees and treasures at the Scrap Shop.

Sacred Shields

Sacred Shield

Main article: Sacred Shield

Purchased at the Gear Shop for 500 rupees and branded with a Loftwing's foot, the Sacred Shield self-repairs over time, although it has less durability than equivalent shields which do not. It can block fire, electricity & curse attacks; and can startle Cursed Bokoblins.

Divine Shield

Main article: Divine Shield

An upgrade from the Sacred Shield, it has increased durability and faster regeneration than its predecessor. It costs 100 rupees and treasures to upgrade from the more basic version.

Goddess Shield

Main article: Goddess Shield

Branded with a stylised image of Hylia, the Goddess Shield is a further upgrade to the durability and regenerative ability of the Divine Shield. It costs 150 rupees and multiple rare treasures to upgrade the Divine Shield at the Scrap Shop.

Hylian Shield

Hylian Shield

Main article: Hylian Shield#Skyward Sword

The Hylian Shield is obtained from Lanayru by beating eight consecutive bosses in the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round. Unlike all other shields in the game, it is indestructible; it also resists fire and electric attacks.