Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round

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Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round
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Defeat bosses or collect Tears of Light


The Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round is unlocked after completing Lanayru's part of the Song of the Hero in Skyward Sword. After Link waits for a while, the Thunder Dragon, Lanayru, prepares the Lightning Round for him in Lanayru Gorge. There are two modes offered in the Lightning Round. The first is the ability to challenge any Boss that Link has previously fought, and second is the ability to face any Silent Realm Trial he has previously completed. There are a variety of rewards given for completing these challenges, ranging from small Treasures to large amounts of Rupees. The most notable rewards are a Piece of Heart and the Hylian Shield.

During any boss challenge, Link is unable to use his pouch items. However, he can equip one shield before initiating the challenge that he is allowed to take in. Every time Link sets a new record, or completes a battle/trial for the first time, he is rewarded with 50 rupees.


Silent Realms

Link receives 50 Rupees the first time he completes a Silent Realm challenge. Any time after that, he always receives 50 Rupees for beating his own personal record. If he beats the Thunder Dragon's record, he is gifted with a rare treasure.

The Thunder Dragon's Default Silent Realm Times:

Region Time
Faron Woods 3:00
Lanayru Desert 4:15
Eldin Volcano 6:00
Skyloft 4:00

Boss Battles

Depending on the amount of battles Link consecutively wins, he will gain a prize. However, if he fails one battle, then he does not receive a reward.

Number Reward
1 20 Rupees
2 Small Treasure
3 100 Rupees
4 First Time – Piece of Heart
Second Time – 200 Rupees
5 300 Rupees
6 Rare Treasure
7 500 Rupees
8 First Time – Hylian Shield
Second Time (or with full Item Check and Adventure Pouch) – 1,000 Rupees
9 2,000 Rupees
10 Three Rare Treasures
11 3,000 Rupees
12 Filling Link's Wallet