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Hint Glasses
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Seeing Hint Ghosts

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Lunettes occultes (Occults Glasses)
Spain Español Lentes de las pistas (Clues' Glasses)
Germany Deutsch Hinweisbrille (Hint Glasses)
Italy Italiana Occhiali mistici (Mystics Glasses)

"Mysterious spectacles that let you see the unseen."

— Item Screen description

Hint Glasses are one of the earliest items acquired in A Link Between Worlds. When Link first visits the Fortune-Teller while on his way to delivery the sword to the Captain, he is told the fortune-teller has a gift for him, but he is too early to receive it and has to return after bumping into the "bunny".[1] After Link meets Ravio and lets him stay at his house, he can go to the fortune-teller and receive his gift, turning out to be the Hint Glasses.[2][3]

While having a slightly silly appearance,[4] the Hint Glasses allows the wearer to see the unseen such as Hint Ghosts.[5] Similarly to the Lamp, Link can wear the glasses while merged onto a wall. When worn, the area around Link gets darker with a purple aura on the outskirts of the screen while the music becomes quieter and more ambient. When Link is stuck and in trouble, he can use the Hint Glasses and may see a Hint Ghost who can help him by giving him tips.[6][7] In order for Link to get a hint from these ghosts, he must exchange one Play Coin to a Hint Ghost for the hint.[8]



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