Sleepy Toadstool

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Sleepy Toadstool

The Sleepy Toadstool is an item in Link's Awakening. Link can find it after traversing through a cave in the Mysterious Woods.[1] If Link brings it to the witch Syrup in her hut in Koholint Prairie, she will make him Magic Powder.[2] If Link needs more Magic Powder, he can collect another toadstool from the woods and bring it to her.[3]


  1. "It's the toad- stool you picked in the woods. What is it for? You hold it over your head and a mellow aroma wafts into your nostrils." — In-Game Description, Link's Awakening.
  2. "Double double, toil and trouble a toadstool mix makes powder for tricks!" — Syrup, Link's Awakening.
  3. "Good job! Use it on your enemies and see what happens. If you run out, go to the for- est, pick some mushrooms, and I will make you more." — Syrup, Link's Awakening DX.