Secret Seashell

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Secret Seashell
Artwork of the Secret Seashell





Collect 20 for the Koholint Sword


Secret Seashells are items found in Link's Awakening that Link must collect to obtain the Koholint Sword. There are 26 in all, but only 20 are required to collect the Sword. After collecting said seashells, Link must go to Seashell Mansion. If Link collects 20 and acquire the sword, the remaining 6 shells will disappear. If Link collects 5 of them, he can get a bonus at Seashell Mansion, the same after collecting 10.


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Secret Seashells can be found hidden all over Koholint. They are often found in chests, in grass cut down with the sword, under rocks lifted with the Power Bracelet, or recovered from the group with the shovel. Some have more unique methods of obtaining them, such as knocking them down from a tree with the Pegasus Boots, or receiving them as gifts in the Seashell Mansion. For a full list on locations, see Link's Awakening Secret Seashells.