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Camera Shop
Camera Shop.png
Outside the Camera Shop






The Camera Shop is a location in the DX version of Link's Awakening. It can be found in Tal Tal Heights, just north of Tabahl Wasteland. The shop contains a screen at the back for taking pictures. It is the home of the Photographer, whose love of cameras makes him take pictures with his camera whenever he gets the chance. He gladly takes a photo of whoever enters the Camera Shop.

Link first meets the Photographer in the Camera Shop. If he is alone, the Photographer offers to take his picture.[1] If Link agrees, the Photographer asks him to head back to the screen and takes a picture he calls "Here Stands a Brave Man".[2][3] If he refuses twice, the Photographer takes a picture of him looking dazed called "Game Over".[4][5] The Photographer then puts the picture in a Photo Album, which he entitles "The Travels of Link".[6][7] After that, the Photographer appears at certain points in the game to take pictures of Link, who can return to the Camera Shop at any time to see the photos.



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