Ukuku Prairie

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Ukuku Prairie

Ukuku Prairie is a region in Link's Awakening. At 32 screens, it is the largest region on Koholint Island. Consisting primarily of grassy plains and one large water area, it stretches in a four-screen wide strip from Mabe Village all the way to Face Shrine. It borders multiple areas, such as the Cemetery, Kanalet Castle, Koholint Prairie, Signpost Maze, Pothole Field, and Martha's Bay. In addition, Ukuku Prairie is also home to a total of two Telephone Booths. This area can only be accessed after Link obtains the Power Bracelet in Bottle Grotto.


Points of Interest

Key Cavern

Main article: Key Cavern

Key Cavern, the third dungeon of Link's Awakening, can be found in Ukuku Prairie. The key to open it is located in Pothole Field.

Seashell Mansion

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Seashell Mansion is found in the northeast of Ukuku Prairie. Here, Link can bring Secret Seashells to fill up a bar on the right of the mansion. Once he has them all, he will receive the Seashell Sword.

Warp Hole

A Warp Hole can be found near the entrance to the prairie from Mabe Village. If Link has been to the areas with the other portals, he can warp to one of them by jumping into it.