Spiny Beetle

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Spiny Beetle
The Spiny Beetle's sprite from The Minish Cap




The Minish Cap
Eastern Hills

Spiny Beetles are enemies that first appeared in Link's Awakening. These beetles hide under various items in the overworld or dungeon.


A Link to the Past

Main article: Hoarder

The A Link to the Past variation of the Spiny Beetle is nearly identical to its other counterparts. The Nintendo Player's Guide refers to these creatures as Hoarders.

Link's Awakening

The Spiny Beetle is also an enemy from Link's Awakening. They are known for hiding under bushes, rocks, and skulls. Often they cannot be seen until Link comes near, at which point they stand up and reveal that they have been hiding beneath the object. The Spiny Beetles under bushes can be easily killed with the sword, but for the variations with skulls or rocks, Link must first lift the object off of their back with the Power Bracelet. When their hiding place is removed or destroyed, they can be harmed.

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

The Spiny Beetle appears in the two Oracle games, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. They are identical to their Link's Awakening counterparts and behave in the same manner.

Four Swords

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The Spiny Beetle appears in Four Swords.

The Minish Cap

Spiny Beetles in The Minish Cap act in the same way as their other incarnations. They are first encountered within the Eastern Hills and can be found hidden underneath bushes or rocks. One strike with Link's sword defeats them.

99 Spiny Beetle
Spiny-Beetle-Figurine.png Appears in various areas. They hide under common rocks and grass. Be careful, because they can pop out when you least expect it!