Sea of Trees

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The Sea of Trees is a location in Four Swords.[1] The multiple Links must collect one of the three keys to Vaati's Palace.


The Sea of Trees is one of three major stages that can be played at the start of the game, along with Talus Cave and Death Mountain. The stage consists of two levels, followed by a boss battle with Big Manhandla. The first two levels are randomly selected by a set number of stages. There are seven distinctive levels within the Sea of Trees. Within several of the levels, there is there usually a large square region, which could take one of numerous different forms. Given this information, there are hundreds of combinations of different levels that Link can play through during the first two stages of the Sea of Trees.

All of the different stages in the Sea of Trees have a forest theme, with many of them also having some water-areas that require Link to swim. The stages are filled with Grass that Link can cut down and small bushes.

Big Manhandla

Big Manhandla sprite 4S.png
Main article: Big Manhandla

Big Manhandla serves as the final boss of the Sea of Trees. It is a giant plant-like enemy that initially has three heads that will spin around in a circle. Every so often the heads of Manhandla will open their mouths, revealing a particular color. When the Manhandla's mouth is open, the corresponding Link color must slash his sword to deal damage. After enough hits that particular head of Manhandla will break off and be defeated.

After all three of the initial heads are defeated, a fourth head in the center of Manhandla will pop out and try to attack the various Links. During this phase, the Manhandla will move its head a bit more erratically. During this second phase, two levers will appear on the sides of Manhandla. Two different Links will need to pull the levers all the way back to stun the enemy. At this point different colored flower buds will pop up and the two corresponding Links must hit the Manhandla simultaneously. If played in one-player mode, then all four of the buds will be the same color and Link can defeat them with sword slashes. If Manhandla is not defeated during the first time, it will become more aggressive, moving its head much faster and shooting seeds out towards the various Link.

Great Fairy of Forest

Main article: Great Fairy of Forest

After defeating the Big Manhandla, Link will meet the Great Fairy of Forest. She'll present Link with a Silver Key. Later, if Link replays the Sea of Trees after completing Vaati's Palace, he can replay the Sea of Trees and if the Links collectively find more than 3,000 rupees, the Great Fairy of Forest will give Link a Golden Key. After collecting three Golden Keys and defeat Vaati's Palace again, Link can return again to the Sea of Trees and earn a Hero's Key for completing the level and gathering 5,000 rupees.